Who the hell am I?

No…that is NOT a rhetorical philosophical question for you to ponder over and explore as you map the depths of your personhood…
The point of this page is to give you some idea of who I am…after all, if I am going to blog about my experiences, it would be useful for you guys to know what an insane, crazy, INCREDIBLY SARCASTIC, anti-social, childish, probably sexually repressed, clinically depressed, sexually indulgent, psychopathic and sociopathic, non-smiling, mature, always laughing, extroverted, completely normal, bitter, well loved person that I am.
For the record, only some of those listed above are true…want to know which ones? Use your judgement, and no, the ones in bold DO NOT necessarily mean that they are true/untrue….(-.-) .

Who am I 1

I am NOT your average med student. I know this because I have technically been in 4 different cohorts of medical students, and I have yet to find anyone who is even remotely similar to me…and before you smartasses chip in and say “well, we share 99.9% of our DNA with each other”QUIET YOU!!!
Seriously though, I haven’t anyone who is even close to being like me. And yet, I have built up a stereotype of the average medical student based on these 600 (estimated) people over 4 year groups. I find that my stereotype fits for about 90% of all medical students that I have met….bearing in mind that 75% of all statistics are made up on the spot…(-.-).

Getting back to the point, “how have you managed to be in 4 different medical cohorts????” is usually the next question. And my answer to that is…….DATA CONFIDENTIALITY (aka, I do not have to answer that). You can come up with your own reason for how you think I managed to pull that one off…

One thing I shall admit about myself though….is the fact that I have lost my initial desire to be a doctor. In fact, I have lost a lot of my enthusiasm for medicine altogether. And yet…I haven’t dropped out…I am still continuing on this road to becoming a doctor. THIS is what makes me unique among my peers…a majority celebrate the fact that they love medicine and are so interested in it…and there’s me jumping up and down and screaming “I LOVE MEDICINE MUCH BETTER THAN YOU!!!! OMG THIS CASE WAS SOOOOOOOOOO INTERESTING!!!! EXTRA READING?? SURE, WHY NOT??? YES, OF COURSE I’LL TAKE BLOOD FROM YOU…BUT NOT LIKE A VAMPIRE DOES, HAHAHA”…(-.-)

…I sincerely hope that you have learnt how to identify when I am being sarcastic…..because if not, then this is going to not work and I insist that you leave my site and NEVER AGAIN return…(-.-). Also, I am not implying that the above quotation is what the majority of medical students are like…if they were, then I can quite happily say that I would have slaughtered them myself by now…am I being sarcastic with THAT comment? Who knows?

As you may have noticed, I seem to go off on rants a lot….yeah…that’ll happen A LOT in this blog…
Don’t like it? I insist that you leave my site and NEVER AGAIN return…(-.-).

Another nugget of personal information that I shall impart to you is the fact that I am of an Indian background…ok, that’s not necessarily true….I gots brown skin, ok? That should give most people an idea of what kind of family life that I have. It’s like a grand Bollywood musical….if it were directed by Tim Burton….yeah, have fun imagining that…(>.<).

I think that’s enough of a background for this…you’ll probably unearth more stuff about me as I type this blog…as careful as I am with other people’s information, I am quite clumsy when it comes to my own….dropping bits and pieces all over the place when I talk…if any of you reading this know me and figure out that I am the one typing this….trust me when I say: DO NOT LET ME FIND OUT THAT YOU KNOW…because if that happens, well….to tell you the truth, I don’t really know what I’d do….give me some time to come up with something horrific and sinister….

Who am I 2


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