Breaking bad news…brought to you by the SPIKES protocol

breaking bad news 1

Let me just say that I am truly sorry, little comic me. There has been a lot happening, but that still isn’t an excuse for how you have been treated. I can only apologise and tell you that I am here now and hopefully we can sort everything out for you and your comic companions there. I’ve also made sure we shall not be disturbed, so that all my attention is on you.
Before we get started, do you want anything? Something to drink, like a cup of tea or coffee?

breaking bad news 2

To make sure that I haven’t missed anything, do you mind if I just ask you to tell me everything that has been going on right from the very beginning?

breaking bad news 3

So, I believe that there were also numerous family problems in the last year: 2 people admitted to hospital for life-threatening illness, an elderly family member being physically abused by other relatives, two people dying, one person having a full psychiatric event (mental breakdown), 3 people entering clinically severe depression…
And of course…our own deteriorating physical and mental health…

breaking bad news 4

That’s the dream. But getting back to the now, what would you like from this session?

Breaking bad news 5

Before we go any further, let me just clarify something for you:
We made it into 4th year.

Breaking bad news 6

Yes…we made it into 4th year without having to retake any exams. Somehow, despite everything we made it through and am now doing 4th year rotations…more specifically oncology, haematology and palliative care. How do you feel?

Breaking bad news 7

It’s ok to feel confused. Normally, I think you’re right, I should be happy. But I spent the summer and the past 2 months of 4th year recovering…recovering from the apocalyptic fallout of everything else, which is still happening.

Breaking bad news 8

…and let’s wrap this up before you completely lose yourself in this fantasy.
I should also point out that I no longer wear glasses, I don’t have much hair left on my head and I spend so much time in the library doing my research project, that I barely take out my stethoscope…

Breaking bad news 6

The plan is that I shall keep blogging as much as I can…as long as you keep making it look interesting. And that’s the end of this blog post that HOPEFULLY mirrors the SPIKES protocol…

Breaking bad news 6

…look it up (>.<).


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