It’s been a rough few months…
So rough that I would consider them as being some of the worst months I’ve ever had to endure…heh, which is impressive given my track record for ridiculously bad ‘amazing’ life experiences.

Jean-Martin Charcot.jpgRudolf Virchow NLM3.jpgRelated image
Free long island iced tea to anyone who gets this question right: who are these respectable looking gentlemen? …obviously, you’ll have to come and find me if you actually want the iced tea.

But I digress…Do I want to talk about how rough the past few months have been?
No…and in remembrance of Charcot and Virchow, I present to you my reasons in the form of a triad:
1) No energy.
2) No desire.
3) No time…as I am somehow dragging myself through that glorious wonderful time of the year that is known as ‘I hate life’ exams season…I should REALLY stop procrastinating and get back to doing some actual revision…maybe…in a minute…

You know things are rough when the only person who you feel like you can talk to is the comic version of yourself:


…I dare any of you to say that I am not crazy or clinically insane now.


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