Freud’s answer to everything: “Your mum…”

Thanks to the legendary Robin Williams for that quote. You are sorely missed, good sir.

Today, I saw was a 16 year old male patient who was suffering with mild depression. He had the 3 major symptoms: low mood, felt no pleasure doing anything (anhedonia) and lack of energy
As the consultation continued, it was obvious that he’d been dragged to see us by his older brother and he was getting annoyed at being asked questions. Eventually, it got to a point where the two brothers just started arguing amongst themselves. I looked towards the Community Psychiatric Nurse who was supervising the session and he gestured to me to just stay where I was and keep quiet…apparently the brothers fight like this a lot and it’s their way of releasing stress and discussing problems.
At one point, the older brother asked “Why are you being such an a******?”
And the response was “YOUR MUM…”


Now…firstly, am pretty sure that he should have said “our mum…”
Secondly, it turns out that the actual biological mother of the 2 brothers had started a relationship with a new boyfriend and the younger brother really did not take well to this…hence the reason for his bad mood was indeed the actions of his mum.
Third and finally, it must have made Freud proud to hear someone say that his mother was the cause of his problems in a psychiatric consultation…

As you may have gathered, I am currently on my cardiology psychiatry placement…and it is weird to say the least.
Now…that’s not because I am surrounded by people who others may consider as ‘crazy’ or ‘mad’, but because I’ve had and still suffer from mental illness (namely depression)…and because I consider myself to be COMPLETELY and UTTERLY INSANE; so it is indescribably strange that those psychiatric patients that I have seen think that I am a sane and normally functional individual.


For the record, I am not psychotic:
1) I do not have auditory hallucinations (aka voices talking to me)…unless you count those voices inside my head…one of them is Old Omega (the sensible grown up)…oh and there’s little Alpha (the one who justs want to have fun) and Mu (the one who keeps the other two in line)…
2) I do not have thought broadcasting issues (my thoughts are not being inserted inside my head from elsewhere or being taken away and seen by others…shush little Alpha).
3) I do not believe that my body is being controlled by something other than me…Old Omega disagrees with me.
4) I do not have delusional perception…Mu tells me that that the pencil I dropped was a sign from the mighty Unicorn to go and insult the Flying Spaghetti monster with the following message: YOUR MUM!!!

Image result for flying spaghetti monster



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