Cosplaying…well, roleplaying.

First of all, let’s get the my opinion over the EU referendum held here in the UK out of the way. I did vote. I voted to remain in the EU, and I don’t regret my decision at all. I am disappointed by the people result, but it’s a democracy. Like the lectures they give us on patient capacity: “If a patient shows that they can understand information regarding a decision, retain that information, analyse the pros and cons of that information and communicate that decision to others”, then even if you think they are acting irresponsibly, it is their RIGHT to do so. As for me, I shall do my best to make this decision to leave the EU work…by leaving the country.


Next on the agenda:
I have just come out of an exam and I can safely say that I have NO IDEA when it is, what is going on, where I am or how I got there…just to make it a full house of question words, may as well add that I don’t know how many times this has happened or who I am (^.^).
Maybe I am going crazy and developing psychotic symptoms…anyone want to do an MSE on me?

NOW FINALLY…the point of this post:
What did I get out of my third week of this resilience course? Well, we were given a Belbin questionnaire. It claims that there are 9 types of team working behaviour and based on your responses and is able to give you a score for each of the roles. In doing so, it provides you with a description of what kind of worker you are and what your strengths are if you are working in a team…
In our group, everyone had high scores around one or two behaviours that they were masters of. And because everyone had a different focus, it explained why our group worked well together…well, until you notice my results.
I found that I was literally: ‘a master of none, but a jack of all trades’. I had relatively low scores in all behaviours.

swiss army med

So…I am a master of NOTHING…well that sucks. After 14 27 years of being alive on this Earth, all my hardwork and effort and accummulation of ‘skills’ have made me the equivalent of a used stethoscope in a new set of operating theatre surgical tools. In a world where everything is becoming more and more specialised, my initial reaction to being a ‘jack of all trades’ was to scream “well that’s a bit s***” was not a favourable one.

But like most things in life, it’s all about money, fame, glory, perspective.
If I am honest, I have always loved the romantic Victorian/Edwardian era image of a doctor being a medic, a scientist, a philosopher, a poet, a raging alcoholic, etc. And it occurred to me that I could be seen as one version of a modern day equivalent. First and formost, I am a medic, then a scientist; I dabble in philosophy and psychiatry and even do a spot of poetry and spend far too much time doodling cartoon images (I even spent the last 5 mins of my exam doodling on a bit of scrap paper)…no comment about the raging alcoholism.

But coming back specifically to the Belbin questionnaire, what it pointed out was that I am adaptable. Yes, I am a master of none. BUT that doesn’t mean that I am worthless. It means that I can cosplay whilst other people can’t. I can dress up in a multitude of different costumes and roles depending on what is needed.

Resilience week 3 image

I can be a king and lead a group if required. I can be a knight and rush in to rescue people who need emotional support. I can be a dramaqueen and work alone. I can be a bishop and emit some degree of calm spiritualism in this mad chaotic world. I can be a rook and protect and guard those around me. I can be a pawn and work with other minions to achieve whatever goal our evil overlord desires.
(If you don’t understand the chess piece metaphor that is underpinning the above picture and my last paragraph…then…well, I don’t know. Go learn how to play chess? I apologise for being obscure…actually, no I don’t.)

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being an old GP in a room of new young hospital consultants. We need more GP’s anyways…