Oodles of doodles…

Some lectures are incredibly useful. Others….not so much. And some lectures…are just completely…utterly P*O*I*N*T*L*E*S*S.
I understand why they might be usefulthey have to give us a lecture on it…I take that back. I don’t get why we need a lecture on a topic that doesn’t even relate to me at any point in my future career. Nor do I understand why they have to drag out a topic, that can be read about in 5 mins, for one WHOLE HOUR (>.<).

In any case, at times like that, I noticed that I start to doodle…no, that is NOT an innuendo or a euphemism. I literally put pen to paper and start drawing stuff. I don’t even know what I am drawing most of time. And I am DEFINITELY not an artist. 
But it did make me think that perhaps I could focus this urge to doodle into something more useful:

So, from now on, all pages and posts will contain images that I have drawn. This SHOULD make reading my mindless babbling a lot easier to endure. So feel free to look over past pages and posts as I have added doodles to them as well. Hope you guys enjoy them…and if not, then I don’t care because I definitely enjoy them (^.^).

Oodles of doodles


One comment

  1. Ahuvya Daniel · October 13, 2015

    I can do totally relate to that. My note books are full of scribbles and doodles from pointless lectures.

    They make good memories though. 🙂

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