“Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest…” (-.-)

So…someone, somewhere, at some point in time, for some reason, said that if you ever think about giving up:
“Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest…”

That person was EVIDENTLY not a normal healthy adolescent male. I don’t recall a normal healthy adolescent male ever having problems getting his penis erect…although I think the quote has beaten me on this one as am sure a normal healthy adolescent male probably would have quite a hard erection if you get my drift…let’s try that again:

That PERSON EVIDENTLY did not play video games, which get harder as you go…wait…ugh, damn it, the quote’s beaten me AGAIN. I guess being a newbie (I save the word ‘noobie/noob’ for someone who is just stupid at a game after playing it for a while.) is always going to be tough as you have no idea how to do anything at the beginning, but once you’ve got the basics, you watch others/ learn how to handle the harder parts that you come across later on…what the hell? I am being intellectually beaten by a proverb!!!….I refuse to yield…(-.-)

Dont give up 1

THAT PERSON EVIDENTLY NEVER…formed a romantic relationship with anyonein our modern timesin the UK….(I have you now, you proverb). It’s easy, as a guy, to casually walk into a bar/club on a Friday or Saturday night and walk out with a girl who will engage in some lustful loin luvin’ with you. I assume it’s the same vice versa…as I have a natural fully functional penis and no attractively sized mammary glands, I can’t confirm that experimentally. But I can say that I have observed girls hunting for men and dragging their triumphant prize home, and also girls stalking girls and guys pouncing on guys (and why not? If that’s how you roll, then go and roll people!!!). But am sure most people will tell you that once the sex is over, trying to keep a relationship going past the honeymoon phase can be NOTORIOUSLY difficult.

And I seem to have digressed…getting back to the main point I was making: please do not misunderstand me. I do understand what the person, who came up with the “don’t give up…” proverb, was saying. But it really isn’t always the case that the beginning is always the hardest. They don’t work in all circumstances…and yet people still consider them to be undeniably true and hold onto them with blind faith

ANYWAYS, why am I talking about this? Well, technically, I am now passed the beginning of my 3rd year of medicine…
WOO!!! CELEBRATIONS!!! AM STILL HERE!!!! Blah blah blah, etc (-.-). It’s only been over a week…and it’s felt like quite an easy week too…I can’t help but feel the ominous hand of fate creeping up on me, ready to punch me into an oblivion of stress and exhaustion…

Dont give up 2

But am sure…*gets punched by a massive Hand of Fate, experiences stress and exhaustion as a result*…FML (-.-).
It’s only the second week, and I seem to spend more of my time in lectures and in the library THAN I HAVE AT HOME!?!?!?!?!
*Actually only just realises how much more per day: 15 hours of medicine v.s 9 hours out of medicine. Of those 9 hours, 1.5 is used travelling…that leaves 7.5 at home….aka cooking and SLEEPING (>.<).

Why am I spending so much time with medicine per day? Because I LOVE IT...obviously….(-.-). I’m still working in the library after the others all have gone home because I’ve got a memory like a goldfish…who seriously thought “I am going to see how long the memory of a goldfish is today”? I mean seriously…people just have too much time or too little sanity…and before you animal rights people start screaming about how goldfish deserve to know how long their memories are:
IT’S A GOLDFISH…IT ALREADY KNOWS HOW LONG IT’S MEMORY IS…unless it has forgotten…in which case: IT DOESN’T CARE!!!! It’s like a patient going under general anaesthesia…as long as they are unconscious and are not going to remember, then he/she/it REALLY doesn’t care what you do.

And I’ve gone off topic AGAIN…I may need to hire someone to keep me on topic…So, medicine so far? In this past week, I’ve actually done more medicine than I have done in my previous years of the course. I HAZ ACHIEVED ADULT LIFE SUPPORTER – RANK 1…rank 2 will come when I actually save someone’s life, rank 3 when I save 5 lives…etc. But it is nice to now know how to actually save someone’s life, after all, that’s why most people do medicine.

It almost makes me wonder what the **** was the point of all those previous years of pointless lectures…I shall throw away all my anatomy notes, burn all my physiology notes, shred all my pathology notes, DESTROY all my histology notes, devour all my edible notes…wait what? (o.0)…oh, I’m hungry again, that’s why…
But, in order to stop you from ruining my dream, I shall ruin it for myself by saying “YES, I do know that those previous years of information will underpin my understanding for this year…blah blah blah…”
After all, all those pointless lectures informed me that adolescent guys have strong hard on’s (although experience also highlighted that to me), that general anaesthesia hypnotises and relieves you of pain and that to save someone’s life, I have to stop their unconscious tongue from selfishly suffocating them and kiss them with the love of a deflating bariatric air mattress.

…the fact that I seem to be remembering this info seems to suggest that maybe my staying behind in the library, after all my classmates go home, and revising is making a difference and although it was very hard in the beginning, it will get…

Dont give up 3


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