It was the night before 3rd year of medical school…

…and guess what? I am ILL…(>.<).
As if it wasn’t bad enough dealing with the fact that I am starting the most difficult year of my medical career so far, that I am being shoved into a new year group where I don’t know anyone, bulldozed into a year group who are over 5 years younger than me, dropkicked into a rehab for my incredibly overindulgent video gaming sins…

What is that feeling bubbling in my abdomen? Is it fear? …well, maybe……or it could just be that bout of indigestion that is also plaguing me at present (-.-). ALRIGHT FINE….I am scared…who wouldn’t be? And not just because I’m worried I’m going to be coughing glorious phlegm and sputum all over people tomorrow…

Night before 3rd

Anyone want to swap lives? You should know that I have a fairly strict selection process….no one who is in a worse position than I am currently in (like a cliched starving child from southern Ethiopia) , no one who is currently trying to get into this country or trying to get into medicine (hey, if I got something they want, I am going to enjoy flaunting it and taunting with it…(-.-), no one who doesn’t like chocolate (WHO DOESN’T LIKE CHOCOLATE???? Other than lactose intolerant people….obviously…)…meh, what’s the point? No one is going to swap lives with me….

Ugh….I think I’m just going to go to sleep…and hope I have dream that lasts forever…one about…actually, that’s private, I’ll keep that one to myself *wink*.


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